Paula (Mum) & Elliot (11)

When I read the stories, I thought they would be too young for Elliot, but he has totally proved me wrong. He was literally full of beans when he hopped into bed! he can act older than his years, but it just goes to show that deep down all kids big and small still love a good story. I asked him this morning what he thought of it and he said “Well Mum, it obviously worked!” The last thing he remembered was the yawning and stretching!

Paula (Mum) & Elliot (11) Stratford upon Avon
Jamie (Dad)

I really like this story. I read a story to my two kids myself but they always want more so I play them the land of nod, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Thanks!

Jamie (Dad) Leamington Spa (UK)